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Dear Brother or Sister:

Rahab saved herself and her family by her faith. She went on to become the great great-grandmother of David and, eventually, an ancestor of the Messiah. But she never lost the stigma of her sin. Down through history, she was still called “Rahab the Harlot.”

Stigma is an issue every convict released from prison faces. Some are released only to return to their old ways and, eventually, to prison.

Others find Christ as their Savior while in prison. They grow in His grace through correspondence courses, chapel services, dorm Bible studies, and faith-based programs that reach into the prison to help them. But when you are released back into society, you will face rejection, often by the very people who are best equipped to understand that a sinner can be saved—and changed—by grace.

Philemon Fellowship International exists to help the prisoner, who is serious about the Lord, find local church fellowships that will keep him accountable and help him become a useful citizen and effective Christian. We also desire to help the church build relationships with prisoners by providing Bibles and other materials to the prisons.

Would you like P.F.I to help you get connected to a loving fellowship in your home town?

Please let us know your release date, the city you will return to and the type of church you like; if you consider yourself “a faithful and beloved brother” (Colossians 4:9).
Please, also send us any prayer requests you have now.  Brothers and Sisters in the body of Christ will start praying for you today.

Contact Info:
Eric Williams, Coordinator
PO Box 145
Tallahassee, Florida 32302