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Mission Statement

To assist the church in embracing the incarcerated as Paul encouraged Philemon to receive Onesimus (vs. 17). To help the incarcerated prepare to use their God given gifts for service to the church that embraced them.

By mutual prayer, support, encouragement and fellowship to be used of the Lord for evangelism and discipleship of the incarcerated. Those committed to this ministry will work through the Church. 

To provide prayer and spiritual counseling by understanding the issues surrounding an inmateís incarceration.

To visit the incarcerated directly, or by phone and consistent correspondence. To provide Bibles, Bible Study Courses, Christian books, Videos, Tapes, CDís, DVDís and Reading Materials. And to provide assistance with Biblical research.

By assisting with re-entry and providing long-term assistance for those who will not be released.

Contact Info:
Eric Williams, Coordinator
PO Box 145
Tallahassee, Florida 32302