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Philemon Fellowship International exists to help released prisoners, who are serious about the Lord, find local church fellowships that will keep them accountable and help them become useful citizens and effective Christians.

We also help the church reach into prisons through building relationships with prisoners and providing Bibles and other materials to the prisons.

Would you join us in this work? We are looking for churches willing to provide compassionate fellowship, mature discipleship, and close accountability to these trophies of God’s grace.

Eric Williams, Coordinator
The Gallery Building
2025 S. Monroe
Tallahassee, Florida 32301

"Beyond These Walls…"

It doesn't matter where you're been,
Or what you've done before…
God's Grace is there to see you through,
To the plans he has in store.

Hope is in your future, no matter what lies
In your past…
God's mercy is sufficient, and his love
Will surely last.

Don't feel that you're not worthy to receive
God's precious love he sent his child to
Save you he adores you from above.

Oh, how happy is the moment,
How special is the day…
When you know without exception that
God loves you all the way.

Michael O., AZ State Prison